Hot Stamping Foil
BRIDGE Hot Stamping Foil is widely used for decorating plastic, wood, leather and paper.BRIDGE foil is known for its outstanding match of chemical & physical properties.
Cold Foil
Our cold foils (PFX grade) can offer fine edge definition and impressive gloss, and especially allow printing after stamping process.we provide metallic colors, holographic etc
Textile Foil
Prosperities overview: 1. Good stamping definition and adhesion; 2. Good washing-resist ability.Available in Bright gold, silver and a wide range of metallic colors.
Holographic Foil
Holographic foils are a perfect choice when you are looking to add distinction and value to a wide range of products including promotional items, packaging, paperback books
Thermal Laminating film
Thermal laminating film is also called hot lamination film, or thermal glued lamination film. We manufacture various types thermal laminating films to our customers.
About us


BRIDGE STAMPING FOILS attract and create visual interest and appeal. They are a natural choice when considering adding value, decorating and/or enhancing products. You will find our stamping foil are manufactured for superior performance and reliability. Our hot stamping foil are also designed to be compatible with a wide variety of substrates and applications- making stamping with BRIDGE FOILS easy and efficient.

“Our aim is to make it right and deliver it on time"

We offer multiple plastics formulations that will meet any of your specific physical and or technical requirements. We carry products for the cosmetics, interior, exterior, automotive, trash can, medical, writing instruments, appliance, toy, trophy, badge/id cards, plastic cards, wire and cable marking, tools, license plate frames and sporting goods industry.

Our goal is to help make your stamping foil and lamination processing easier and more profitable. We are foil people. We live and breathe stamping foil. We are extremely knowledgeable and even more helpful. If you give us the opportunity to earn your business you will not be disappointed.

Separate yourself from your competition. Discover the ease and effectiveness of a high impact engagement with BRIDGE STAMPING FOILS.

BRIDGE stamping foils is ready to be your reliable partner.







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    1. Pet Thermal Laminating Film
      PET thermal laminating films are used to get some properties which are available in polyester. Some main properties like high gloss and high stiffness are not in BOPP films. For making PET thermal laminating films we need to follow coextrusion process.
    1. Security Foil
      The melton fabric is one kind of woolen fabric with high quality. Its surface is fine clean smooth and flexible protection. At bottom has fine ?grained fluff .It has feature of duration warm-keeping........
    1. Pigment Foil
      Pigment foils should always be considered when printing on dry or textured papers & boards. Strong uniform colour is achieved. Lithographic inks often look dull or lose their strength of colour and screen printing is not without its problems.